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 7 Videos to Get You Motivated for Music Practice

How many times do you avoid going to the gym or working out because you don't have 30 minutes? I bet you do the same with practicing your guitar (or any instrument for that matter). I bet you really struggle to get your kids to practice 30 minutes on the instrument you bought them to take those expensive lessons, too. 

Let's be real. Time is limited for everyone these days and motivation can be tough when  finding 30 minutes seems dauntingly unrealistic, even if only 3 days a week. I'm right there with you!!

Motivation is always the precursor to 'not having time', because we will ALWAYS find time for the things we want to do. (ahem... how  much TV did you watch last week?)

Do you Have 5 Minutes a Day?

What if we only practiced for 15 minutes? 10 Minutes? Fine, even just 5 minutes! We could do that, right? Not even every day. How about we call it 5 for 5 (no, you don’t get fries with that!). 5 Minutes, 5 Days a week. We can do that!!

Great! Who's with me?!?!


Hello, still there?

OK, I get it. You're NOT motivated, right? I can still relate, especially since it's even harder for me to find the time to practice while I'm also trying to run a startup and wanting to spend quality time with the family.

Often times, if I have 5 minutes, I just want to sit and meditate (my way of saying totally veg out).

Seven Motivational Videos

I have often turned to other blogs and YouTube videos for answers and motivation.

Here are 7 of my favorite videos to get me moving and practicing, even when I don't feel like it. You can watch one a day and each one is only about five minutes!

Get yourself amped up and go practice for 5 minutes. I'll be posting more on what to practice in the next blog. You can go to our YouTube channel and find these and more in our Motivational playlist.

Oh, and if you want to make it easier to watch YouTube videos while you're practicing, check out our Kickstarter campaign and get your own SMASHmouse! 


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Loved this because the guy is fresh and NOT your stereotypical orchestra player

Musical Motivation | AskTVK


Want to truly be the best? Get a reality check of motivation

Motivational Practice Video - Eddy laughed at this.


Looking to motivate beyond practicing, a good one for habits in general involving triggers

Piano Practice: A Cool Motivation Trick For Success 


I always enjoy YourGuitarSage Erich's lessons. He even stole my 7 count!

How To Stay Motivated Playing Guitar - Helpful Tips for All Guitarists


Here's one targeting educators to keep students motivated.

How to motivate students to practice music


Claus makes you feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger is motivating you. He's going to pump…you up.

Insane practice motivation - How to create it


A play off one of my favorite authors, Malcom Gladwell, and his Outliers book. "Genius is about practice"!

PRACTICE - Motivational Video

Let's Kick It to Click It and Keep on Playing! 

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