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Top 3 Quiet Gaming Keyboards that keep you from getting killed (by enemies or the wife)

There’s something about gaming that brings out the lightning fingers in most of us. When every click, every tap could mean virtual life or death, you learn to act fast. For those in the room with you, nimble fingers can be annoying. Constant tapping of fingertips against keys begins to drum in their head – a cacophony of repetitive noise. If that person happens to be your significant other, then you’re probably in trouble. Gaming keyboards are often obnoxiously loud; it’s a deal breaker for most. Time to invest in one of these quiet gaming keyboards.

It’s better to invest in a lightweight, efficient gaming keyboard now. One that is silent. Well, as silent as a gaming keyboard can be. The gaming peripherals industry is continuously innovating. In fact, Corsair – known for their computer components – has invested time and money into the Cherry MX Silent key switches. While not an end-all option, they’re undoubtedly efficient for a mechanical keyboard.

Strafe RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Cherry MX SilentCorsair STRAFE RGB Mechanical .jpg

Now, mechanical keyboards are a bit louder than their normal counterpart. The increased performance and responsiveness of the keys are the primary reason, so many in the PC Master Race opt for mechanical boards. Corsair, whom we mentioned above, recognized that the community should not have to sacrifice silence for performance. They were right.

The Strafe RGB MX Silent provides ultra quiet gaming keyboards with dynamic multicolor lighting. "How quiet?" you may ask. Well, according to the manufacturer, their newly-designed keys are 30% quieter than your typical mechanical board. At the same time, they do not sacrifice speed, feeling, or responsiveness. For the enthusiast, this is a significant bonus.

But how are they so quiet? Well, internally, Corsair swapped out the conventional design for a German-built, pressure-resistant metal alloy spring. In turn, this innovative design reduces or altogether eliminates the need for O-rings – once considered a staple of mechanical keyboards.

Of course, the board comes with a hefty price tag. For relatively quiet gaming keyboards, you’re looking at an MSRP of $149.99. To some, that price is a little out of reach for a gaming peripheral. If loud typing is an issue in your household, however, the investment is sound. These quiet gaming keyboards should last a long time.

Razer DeathstalkerRazer DeathStalker.jpg

There’s a stigma surrounding Razer products; most enthusiasts consider them overly-expensive and typically not worth the price. Like any product, there’s a time and place for a Razer peripheral. Now is that time. A quiet gaming keyboard is a significant selling point, and one Razer is smart enough to capitalize on. Hence the Razer Deathstalker, a relatively quiet keyboard designed for gaming sessions late at night.

No, this is not your typical keyboard. While not mechanical, and not a chiclet board, the setup does feature chiclet-style caps. These caps, if you’ve never used the style previously, take less room and are quieter than your average board. In layman’s terms, there is less space between the keycap and the plastic underneath, which is where the noise comes from.

Some complain about quality, however. Over time, the board’s keys tend to stick or become increasingly less responsive overall. It’s a trade-off. For a time, you’ll receive a mid-quality, quiet gaming keyboard that can be enjoyed at all hours of the night. Use it too often, or receive a lemon, and you’ll have a few – admittedly, solvable – issues.

At an MSRP of $49.99 – slightly cheaper when purchased via Amazon – it’s a good investment that won’t break the bank.

Redragon Karura K502Redragon Karura K502.jpg

If you’re after entry-level quiet gaming keyboards, then the Redragon Karura K502 has you covered. Redragon is a relatively unknown company, which is a shame. Their keyboards, while cheap in price, are designed to withstand hours of hardcore gaming.

As for its noise level, the Karura features chiclet-style keycaps, much like the Razer Deathstalker. Each key is soft, and feels quite responsive over extended periods. Whether or not the noise was a factor in the design, the current keycaps are quiet. They’re not silent, of course. No keyboard is truly silent. The plan, however, ensures there is less space between the board itself and each keycap. Each time you press a key, you’ll hear a slight tap, but little to no resounding click. That click is typically the cause of headaches.

At an MSRP of $26.99, the Karura is an incredibly affordable, entry-level gaming keyboard that just happens to be quiet.

So, if you’ve heard complaints about the noise level from your significant other, or perhaps even your neighbors, consider these keyboards. They’re not end-all solutions, but they each offer substantial reductions in sound over your average board.

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