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The Future of Music and Technology

The Future of Music and Technology In our last blog we talked about the future of guitar. Fact is, technology is changing everything. From Amazon and shipping, to robots replacing human workers, and even the dollar with Blockchain, nothing can resist the tidal wave of innovation. Not even music, heck, especially music. 
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The Future of the Guitar

The Future of the Guitar Guest author, Andrew Haddad
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7 Videos to Get You Motivated for Music Practice (Even When You Don't Feel Like It)

  How many times do you avoid going to the gym or working out because you don't have 30 minutes? I bet you do the same with practicing your guitar (or any instrument for that matter). I bet you really struggle to get your kids to practice 30 minutes on the instrument you bought them to take those expensive lessons, too. 
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Are you 1 in 1000

Are you 1 in a 1,000? In 2008, Kevin Kelly wrote a paradigm-shifting essay about "1,000 True Fans", a philosophy that a highly successful business can be built with just 1,000 TRUE FANS. 
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Love your kids? Teach them music!

Love your kids? Teach them music! How did you learn your ABC's? Seriously, think about it. The most crucial foundation of language, you learned as a song.
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I Want a New Drug!

I Want a New Drug! I recently read a phenomenal article, https://bebrainfit.com/music-brain/, and couldn’t help but share some of my takeaways from the article with you below. I encourage you to also read the original article; it’s long but it’s well worth it.
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