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How to Survive an All-Night Gaming Session

Guy playing on his PC in an all-night gaming session.As we grow older, most of us don’t have the time, nor inclination, to schedule an all-night gaming session. Nighttime hours are precious. We often lack sleep, then are required to perform exceptionally at work the following day. It’s a vicious cycle. However, when an opportunity rears its golden head, who is going to pass up an all-night session? Very few of us, honestly.

Once you’ve made the decision, it’s time to prepare. Most of us aren’t thirteen anymore. Staying up until all hours into the next morning is near impossible. We’re talking supplies, scheduled games, and the occasional break. Just don’t fall asleep; otherwise, you won’t wake up!

Supplying the Mindall-night-gaming-session-snack-food.jpg

Let’s start off right: supplies. Yeah, we’re talking about snacks and drinks!

Now, there are a few methods that gamers stand behind when it comes to long gaming sessions. You could either opt for a healthy night or consider it a cheat day and enjoy some sugar-filled snacks and beverages. Obviously, the decision is yours.

If you opt for the healthy route, consider fruit juice. It’s often considered the best option, as there is no crash like with energy drinks, yet the juice keeps your energy up, too. In fact, you’re unlikely to feel jittery, and some people rarely feel the need for bathroom breaks or to eat while drinking fruit juice.

On the other hand, if you intend to make a cheat night of your gaming session, the sky's the limit. Seriously, you can opt for chocolate milk, your favorite energy drink, the occasional Mt. Dew, cookies, Doritos, or any other snack you’ve had your eye on.

The More the Merrier

These days, everyone has Discord, TeamSpeak, or Skype installed. They’re an easy option to communicate. When it comes to an all-night gaming session, the more, the merrier. Bring in a few friends, at least two or three, and choose a selection of active games. Try not to opt for slow-paced, strategic titles. If you load up Europa Universalis, you’re likely to pass out at the keyboard. Instead, whip out an old shooter – something you haven’t played in a while. We all have a backlog of games on Steam, Origin, or Uplay that are never touched. Change that!

A few recommendations for long gaming sessions are:

  •    Grand Theft Auto V
  •    Borderlands 2
  •    Payday 2
  •    Fallout 4
  •    Call of Duty: WW2

You’ll notice most of these suggestions are built around multiplayer, apart from one. Games like Fallout 4, or Skyrim, if you’re magically-inclined, offer massive game worlds to delve into. The stories, personal adventures, and leveling ensure you’re kept busy for extended periods. You can’t bring a friend, though. That’s the one downside. You’ll have to rely on your own devices for entertainment.

In any case, bringing people with you offers an incentive. No one wants to let down their friends on a boss level. The conversation will help to stimulate your mind, too.

Have a Reason

Yes, it’s that simple. If you want to pull an all-night gaming session, have a good reason to do so. If you’re playing “just because” then you’re likely to grow bored. Choose something; whether you’re streaming live to the masses or trying to hit level 70 in Diablo III in a single run. There are no wrong reasons.

Winding DownGuy-after-all-night-gaming-session-cant-sleep.jpg

Lastly, when it does come time for bed, ease into it. We suggest relaxing for an hour or so before crashing. Lie down, find a comfortable position, but don’t try to fall asleep just yet – naturally relax your body and mind. After an all-night session, your brain requires time to understand that slowing down is a possibility. Avoid watching television or anything using a digital screen or your brain won’t know to turn off. Just sit back and reflect on the events of the night.

Here’s to a healthy, all-night gaming session!

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