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7 Favorite YouTube Channels for Guitar Lessons

Before I get into my favorite YouTube channels for guitar lessons, let me give you a quick back story about why this matters to me. 

Like many inventions, SMASHmouse was created to solve a problem. If it takes two hands to make music, how can you control a computer or mobile device when you’re playing an instrument? You can’t. That is until now… SMASHmouse lets you to Kick It to Click It and keep on playing.

For me, the problem became real about 5 years ago when I wanted to pick up the guitar again. I started learning by watching guitar lessons on YouTube. I would get very frustrated just trying to start and stop a video, or rewinding a part of the lesson, and quickly getting my hands back on the guitar to play again.

Now more than ever, musicians have access to technology to learn, play, record and perform music. But many times musicians have to stop playing to use these new tools, breaking their rhythm. This is why I invented SMASHmouse.

I’m passionate about helping people like you learn music online. So, I thought my first post to you would be an overview of my favorite YouTube channels for guitar lessons! I’ve listed them below in alphabetical order.

Easy to learn Guitar lessons – While they don’t have the most songs in their library. I mention them for 2 reasons: 1. Diversity – from Christmas tunes to Star Wars themes, there is a little bit of everything. 2. Tabs – they include tabs on screen and printables. Since I first started my ‘digital’ lessons by finding free tabs online (no, you don’t have to read music to learn guitar!) and playing along my iTunes, I still have a fondness for tabs and how much they help me learn.


Guitar Zoom – I was introduced to Steve Stine and the Guitar Zoom channel by friends, and they helped me bang my head whenever I wanted to return to the Heavy Metal days of my youth! But they also offer the Blues I prefer to play now. Great technique stuff for those who wish to play lead and have killer solos (me, I’m limited in my talent so I focus on rhythm skills!).

Kids Guitar ZoneThe name pretty much says it all when it comes to why I put it on this list, since I haven’t been a kid in longer than I care to share. It’s kid safe, kid friendly, provides printouts of the tabs and it’s free. And he does a simple version of Shake It Off that my kids can play.

Let’s Play Guitar – Again, two key reasons for being on my list. 1. While I don’t play fingerstyle (I’m too old and have too little time to master this with the family, but someday!), if you want to, these are some great tutorials. 2. I have been an acoustic guitar player from the beginning (couldn’t plug in an amp with 2 babies in the house), and these focus on acoustic. If you’re deciding what to play, many will tell you learn on an acoustic as it’s the harder to play (vs. electric) and you can better play electric later due to better technique.

Marty Music.png

Marty Music – Marty was the first person I truly gravitated to yeas ago when I first started using YouTube and is my personal favorite. His authenticity and personality, combined with a musical taste that provides songs I want to play, make him a winner for amateurs and experts alike. Now he’s added editorials, gear reviews and techniques in addition to song lessons so his site is a one-stop shop.

Produce like a pro.png

Produce Like a Pro – A bit of a teaser for some of our future blog content, but with tools like GarageBand, even the youngest amateurs are making recordings of songs now. Warren Huart is a pro producer who helps you learn how to take it to the next level. More on the home studio craze coming soon!

Tab Sheet MusicI must admit I’m not sure what to make of this one. A crazy mix of guitar tabs that are easy to follow, but the playlist is a from cartoons, video games and anime. Freaky fun indeed!

Check out these channels to help you become a better guitarist and let me know what you think!

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